Free Plants: Nurseries and Garden Centers

Every week, most nurseries throw away some plants that are too tired or scorched to sell. If you ask for the plants in the trash, some nurseries and garden centers will give them… Continue reading

Video: How To Transplant Grass

Everything was reused in the Reclaim Garden! Even weeds were reused. Rogue grass in flower beds was carefully removed and replanted in bare spots in the lawn. Here’s how it was done. For… Continue reading

Transplanting: It’s Not Dead Until It’s Dead

Plants that have been transplanted often go into shock when they are transplanted. Plants that look healthy and happy will probably look like they are at death’s door once they are transplanted. It… Continue reading

Transplanting Grass: The Hair Club For Men Method

There were some really big bald spots in the lawn at the beginning of the project. Rogue grass in the flower beds was transplanted into the bald spots using the “hair club for… Continue reading