Video: Aztec Grass

Some plants always look like they are sick, dying or at death’s door, even with they are perfectly healthy. Plants like Aztec Grass, Liriope, Flowering Ginger, Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra elatior) usually have a… Continue reading

Reusing Kitchen Scraps: Salad 2.0

Sprouting potatoes, a lettuce core, seeds scraped out of a squash, an avocado pit, a moldy strawberry…what are they good for? They can all be used to start a new crop. Super Saver… Continue reading

Behind The Scenes: Stretch Your Dollar, Channel 13 News

Channel 13, Houston filmed a story about the reclaimed garden today. Landscaping a whole house for $175 was a perfect fit for the “Stretch Your Dollar” series. The story will air on KRTK during… Continue reading

Reusing A Tree Stump: A Gardener’s Goldmine

Traditionally, Hügelkultur is as the practice of making raised garden beds over large woody material. The decaying wood inside the bed is a gold mine – providing nutrients over time to feed the plants and… Continue reading

Reuse: Concrete Block Garden

(For more info, visit Studio G Blog) What can you do with extra concrete blocks? How about making a wall garden or planter with them? Stack them, turn them, or even alternate blocks with… Continue reading

Reuses: Grapefruit Rind

  Need a container to propagate seedlings? How about using a grapefruit rind….or another fruit or vegetable, for that matter. You’ll keep the rind out of the trash and turn it into food… Continue reading

Secrets of Rich Landscaping

What makes landscaping look neat, lush, full, and rich? Before starting the Reclaimed Garden, I drove around my neighborhood to see what my favorite landscapes had in common. These tips work for landscape… Continue reading

Contributors: It Took A Villiage!

All in all, 25 gardeners of all levels (from plant murders to master gardeners) and two nurseries (Joshua’s Native Plants and Buchannan’s Native Plants) contributed over 400 plants to the Reclaimed Garden. The… Continue reading

Free(ish) Plants: Garden Center Clearance Racks

Most chain and big-box garden centers have a clearance rack for scorched and dying plants. These almost-dead plants are usually 50% or more off the original price. I didn’t have too much luck… Continue reading

Free Plants: Craig’s List

I found free plants and gardening materials advertised on Craig’s List. Some people offer plants for free if you bring your own tools and dig them up yourself. Here are the Reclaimed Garden… Continue reading