Reuse: Planters & Pots That Are Not

Just about any container can be converted to a planter or pot. Here are some reclaimed materials that have become pretty homes for plants. wine bottles (from Etsy) Colander (from The Micro Gardener)… Continue reading

Recycled Garden Borders

Reused, recycled and reclaimed materials make great borders in the garden. The key to making these materials work is consistency – use materials that are of a similar size, material, color or shape.… Continue reading

Urban (re)Forestation

Reclaimed Garden contributor Dennis Woodward and his son Miles have been working on another project – reforesting TC Jester Park in Houston all by themselves. The park lost lots of trees after the… Continue reading

Stretch Your Dollar: Reclaimed Garden on Ch 13 News!

Sharing the story of the garden – The Reclaimed Garden was featured on KTRK Channel 13 News, Houston’s A Closer Look segment on August 20, 2012. Thank you Patricia Lopez for passing along the reclaimed… Continue reading

Building The Reclaimed Garden Community

The most incredible gift of of the Reclaimed Garden was the supportive community that evolved during creation of the garden. There were four elements that inspired the community to form. These can be… Continue reading

Garden Markers

Each plant in the Reclaimed Garden was marked with the name of the person who donated it. The markers are made from reclaimed materials too – scrap shingles that were blown off the… Continue reading

Tools: Gardening Essentials

A few tools made gardening easy. Gorilla Cart – This fantastic wagon has four real inflatable tires, making it super easy to carry heavy loads and go off-road. It has a capacity of… Continue reading

Signs Of A Healthy Garden

Healthy gardens team with wildlife. When wildlife shows up, it’s a sign that a garden is strong and in harmony with nature. Once the wildlife comes in, the garden and the creatures get… Continue reading

Reuse: Decomposed Leaves

Decomposed leaves, called Leaf Mold by landscaping pros, is gardening gold. You can use it as a soil conditioner or mulch. Mix decomposed leaves into soil to improve the soil’s texture, add nutrients,… Continue reading

Tools: Soaker Hoses Are Not All Created Equal

There are lots of different kinds of soaker hoses. Here are the ones I tested for the Reclaimed Garden. Sprinkler Hose – This hose is made from 65% recycled tires with predrilled sprinkler… Continue reading