About The Garden

Welcome to the Reclaimed Garden! It began as an empty yard with a few old shrubs, scruffy grass and lots of dry, desolate dirt.

I was looking for a way to landscape the house on a budget, so I created the reclaimed garden. The whole yard was landscaped using salvaged plants and materials…for less than $175!

This Begonia inspired the project. I rescued it from the trash at a nursery. The manager thought I was nuts for asking for the dead plant, but he gave it to me. With water, loved and sunshine…look what it became!

After resuscitating the “Trash To Treasure” begonia, I found free plants on the dead and dying rack of nurseries, on Craig’s List and on neighborhood facebook groups. Friends and neighbors started following the garden progress on their evening walks or on facebook. They offered plants they removed when they changed out their landscaping, plants that were over growing in their gardens and materials they no longer needed.

In the end, 25 gardeners and nurseries generously donated over 400 plants as well as rocks, mulch, bricks and concrete cylinders.

Contributors - Group 2

People loved the idea that their plants and materials could live on, even after they didn’t need them anymore. Some gardeners were inspired to propagate their own plants or pass on their plants to others. My reclaimed garden has grown beautifully and the unexpected gift…it gave birth to a community of reclaimed gardeners.

ShellyMattison & jaime

Now, we’re starting to share ideas, plants, materials and assist each other in our gardens. If you want to be part of the Reclaimed Garden Club, shoot me an email or better yet pictures of your garden and your reclaimed gardening ideas.

Here are some after pictures of the garden. Click here for the full photo album chronicling the entire process.


For questions or more information, please contact Sarah Shah at Sarah(at)SarahShah(dot)com or call (617) five-0-one, 8-0-five-5.