Where To Grow Strawberries

PhotoGrid_1430572576407Strawberry berries lay on the ground and stay there until they ripen. And they hate that. When they lay on the ground, the bottom side of the berry ripens more slowly because it gets no sunshine, rots from the moisture and contact with the soil, and is more susceptible to insects and mold. Laying on the ground is the worst thing there is for the strawberry berry. After trying to grow strawberries this year, the strawberry pot design makes perfect sense to me.

For berries planted in the ground or raised bed, lift each berry off the ground by placing it on the plant’s leaves or stems to improve air-flow and sun exposure for the berry.

When planning a new strawberry patch, scratch the patch idea altogether and go with hanging baskets, window boxes or strawberry pots instead. These containers allow the berries to hang over the side of the container so they are surrounded by air and never come in contact with soil.