Gardening In The Rain

20150518_081300-1No need to stay inside when it’s raining. There’s plenty to do in the garden in the rain.


Weeding is so much easier when the ground is wet. The wet soil releases the weed plants and roots more easily and completely. Drier soil hangs on to weed root systems and tap roots, so they grow back more often.


Rainy weather is the perfect time for transplanting plants. I’ve found that the wet soil babies and soothes the traumatized root systems and helps them recover and establish more quickly. Baby plants transplanted in the rain recover faster and grow stronger. Larger, more established plants can be dug out and moved more easily and with less distress for the plant. No worrying about watering in the new plants…the rain takes care of that!


Stakes are easier to put in wet ground. During or just after rain is the perfect time for staking plants, fencing, bean poles and trellises.

Water Flow and Infiltration

During the rain, it’s easier to see how water collects and flows in the garden. It’s the best time to note areas that stay drier, wetter and collect water. If water is collecting in less desirable places, it can be re-directed where it is needed more.  Small dams or swales can be created to slow water flow so it has time to infiltrate soils where more water is needed. Channels can be created to allow water to run off so there is less infiltration where less water is needed. Water loving plants can be lowered a few inches below grade to make a “well” for water to collect and infiltrate. Plants that like less water or better drainage can be raised a few inches above grade with soil mounded around the root ball.

What gardening activities do you prefer to do in the rain? Would you share in the comments? I’d love to learn from you!