Pollinating Tomatoes The Easy Way

baby tomatoLast year I added edibles to The Reclaimed Garden. There were lots of flowers, but very little pollination and vegetable production. So, I’ve been looking for different ways to pollinate, just in case the bees and butterflies don’t show up. Here’s simple a method I adapted from Organic Tomato Magic by Kacper Postawski. It’s crazy, but it works!

Spoiler Alert: If you don’t want to watch the video, here’s the bottom line. Use a metal cage and anchor rod to support your tomatoes. Once the plant starts blooming, bang on the metal cage and rod a few times with a metal object. The vibration of metal on metal will shake the pollin inside the tomato flowers onto the stamens and pollinate the flowers. Repeat this a couple times a week as long as there ere flowers on the plant and…Voila, baby tomatoes will start to appear a few weeks later.