Mini-Raised Beds: Reusing Plastic Pots

I’ve been growing and trying to grow vegetables for about a year and have discovered for myself that vegetables don’t grow in the ground in Houston. They only grow in raised beds.

I want to grow edibles in my existing landscaping. And I don’t want to disturb or tear out the landscaping that’s established. The perfect option would be little raised beds that can be added in the bare spots in the landscaping.

I came up with this method for making mini raised beds from old pots.

Here’s how to make them…

  1. Start with a big plastic pot at least 24-inches in diameter, or bigger.
  2. Cut off the bottom of the pot and cut the pot into two rings that are each about 12-inches tall.
  3. Loosen the native soil and bury the bottom of the ring. Pack soil around the outside of the ring to stabilize and hold in water. Fill the ring with gardening soil.
  4. Plant vegetable seeds or transplants in the garden soil inide the ring. Plant flowers or landscaping plants outside the ring to camouflage the bed.
  5. Water and fertilize vegetables inside the ring as needed. Water and fertilize the landscaping outside the ring as needed.

Now you’ve got flowers, landscaping plants and edibles all growing in their perfect environments in the same place!

veggie bed - mini raised bed