DIY Greenhouse: Storage Tote Box

The calendar says it’s time to start planting seeds for the summer garden here in Houston. But the weather isn’t cooperating. We get a few warm days, then a couple really cold nights, days in the 60s, days in the 30s…too unpredictable and cold for seedlings to survive. It’s not practical to move the trays and pots back and forth into the garden to capture the sun and rain and back in the house for protection from the cold. I tried that last year…survived six freezes, then lost everything on the seventh freeze because I missed a weather forecast.

I really need a little greenhouse to protect these babies. One that opens and closes easily and quickly. I found an old, cracked storage tote box in the garage that was perfect for the job.

I open the cover when it’s warm and close it when it’s cold. When it’s really cold, I throw a blanket over the top. And it worked…the seedlings survived and are ready for transplant now that the frost danger is past.

greenhouse diy