Soil Restoration: Poop-Soup Method

dogsOver time, the soil in the yard had turned to hard-packed dust with very little nutrient or organic content. There were no worms or plants or any kind in site.

In the spirit of using what I have, I experimented with restoring the soil using dog poo.  I have 3 BIG dogs and they provide an endless supply. It should be noted that these dogs eat the Volhard Diet which means that they eat raw meat, raw bones, fruit, vegetables, grains, herbs, honey, garlic, cod-liver oil, and other human=grade nutrients.

Their poo is small, breaksdown fast and doesn’t include any artificial preservatives, colors etc.  When these dogs eat raw bones, their poo is almost pure white, packed with calcium and turns to dust in just a couple days. soil reclamation - poop soup

The experimental area was a 3-ft wide strip of dirt on the back side of the house. Over the course of the summer, I covered the soil surface with poo. I made poo “lasagna,” covering each poo pile with dried leaves to keep the flies from accumulating.

Eventually the soil surface was covered with a few layers of poo and dried leaves. As the sun shone and rain fell, the poo “lasagna” dried out, flooded, dried out, flooded, dried out…etc. Over time, the poo/leaf mixture broke down and weeds/grass/groundcover plants started to grow.

Weeds are great because they help restore soil. They have deeper roots and draw calcium, iron, and a host of other minerals from the deep soil up to minerals like the surface and shallow soil. Mowing the weeds and leaving them inlace so they can decompose eventually increases the mineral and organic content so grass can grow and be supported.

After about 3 months, the soil has more organic matter, holds more moisture, was covered with growing plants (weeds and a little grass) has lots of earth worms. The soil is improving and  poo restoration method is working.

I’ve expanded the poo restoration to other barren areas around the back yard. I did use a little bit of old, broken down poo DEEP in the Hugelkultur beds, otherwise, no poo for the flower beds or vegetable gardens.