Reclaimed Garden Club: 1st Meeting

(Back Row) Kevin, Rita, Sarah, Dennis, Lucy, Rita’s Friend, Yuliana, Debbie, (Front Row) Lisa, Susan, (Behind The Camera) Sherry, owner of One Green Street

Eleven gardeners attended the first Reclaimed Garden Club meeting earlier this week! Some were contributors to the original Reclaimed Garden, some were friends of contributors, and some were native gardeners who heard about the project in The Leader newspaper.

We shared garden stories, plants, seeds, garden ornaments, and ideas.

  • Susan lets spilled birdseed sprout and grow because the resulting plants will naturally provide even more seeds for birds to eat later in the season.
  • Rita and her friend planted a new garden bed using Reclaimed Garden ideas…all the plants were passed on to them from friends.
  • Kevin’s mom heard about the project from her friends in church and asked Kevin to renovate her garden using Reclaimed Garden practices.
  • Dennis grows a native and edible garden with his kids. He grows citrus, berries, vegetables and native perennials that attract bees, humming birds and butterflies. He’s going to give us a tour of his garden at the next meeting.
  • Lucy grows native plants and is a member of almost every plant society in Houston! She’s a wealth of knowledge.
  • Debbie grows native plants in her yard and uses gardening as a tool in her classroom for teaching students.
  • Yuliana has filled her yard with second-hand plants. Her friend, a landscaper, has offered to pass plants on to our club members. We’ll post any “dig-out” or “plant pick-up” events on the Reclaimed Garden Club page here at the blog
  • Lisa is learning about native plants that she can grow easily in Houston’s climate.

We shared rooted coleus and variegated potato vine, Kathi’s pots and a frog ornament, unknown tropical plants, and seeds.

Rita shared seeds from her amazing Pride of Barbados plant! Does anyone know what variety of butterfly this is? If so, would you tell us in the comments?

Here is one of the tropical plants in it’s new home. If you know what it is, would you tell us in the comments?

Thank you One Green Street for hosting our first meeting! One Green Street is located in Houston’s Heights and specializes in eco-friendly products for the body and home – art, personal care items, food, bedding, jewelry and accessories, slippers, life-gear, and more.