Tools: Gardening Essentials

A few tools made gardening easy.

Gorilla Cart – This fantastic wagon has four real inflatable tires, making it super easy to carry heavy loads and go off-road. It has a capacity of 600 (yes, 600) pounds, is stable, has a comfy padded handle, and has dumping capability.

We originally got it to move a sick dog around the house comfortably and easily (we put a soft bed in the bottom of the wagon and then put the 90 pound German Shepherd inside…she was comfy, supported, protected and could go anywhere we did).

Now we use it for moving everything inside and outside the house – unloading a car full of groceries, icing down cases of water at a picnic, moving bricks for the garden borders. This might be our favorite tool ever.

Recycling Box – The box makes a great container for holding and transporting plants. It’s deep enough to protect little plants and support bigger plants. It’s durable and super easy to clean.

Old Shovel and Rake – these tools have been in the family for generations. They last forever, no need to buy anything new when these useful tools were already in the garage.

Clippers – These were great for cleaning up scorched plants, cutting back dead branches and leaves, and cutting roots.

Trowel – This trowel is made from recycled plastic. It’s the perfect size for digging holes for small plants, pointy and durable for loosening hard soil with ease, and weather-proof so it doesn’t deteriorate when left out in the rain.

Foam Kneeling Pad – the most important item (next to the gorilla cart) for saving knees and praying for the plants to survive!

What are your favorite gardening tools and supplies?