Tools: Soaker Hoses Are Not All Created Equal

There are lots of different kinds of soaker hoses. Here are the ones I tested for the Reclaimed Garden.
Sprinkler Hose – This hose is made from 65% recycled tires with predrilled sprinkler holes, spaced about 12″ apart on one side of the hose. When the hose is wound around and between randomly sized and spaced plants, the hose invariable twisted and flipped. In the end, the holes never lined up with the plants and the sprinkler holes sprayed water in all the wrong places and left plants dry and unwatered. This hose probably works better for in a large, rectangular vegetable garden, where plants are spaced exactly 12″ apart.
Fabric Soaker Hose – This hose is made from synthetic fabric that is woven loosely so that water leaks out of the fabric along the whole length of the hose. This hose is very easy to install because it is flexible and lays down easily. In the end, this hose was rejected because the water disperses unevenly and very slowly.
Original Soaker Hose – This is the old fashioned kind made from 65% recycled tires. It’s somewhat flexible and the water soaks out evenly along the entire length of the hose. The soaking speed is controlled by changing the water pressure. We chose this one for the reclaimed garden because it was the easiest to use, laid down pretty flat and soaked water consistently and evenly.