Behind The Scenes: Stretch Your Dollar, Channel 13 News

Channel 13, Houston filmed a story about the reclaimed garden today. Landscaping a whole house for $175 was a perfect fit for the “Stretch Your Dollar” series. The story will air on KRTK during the week of August 13, 2012 ( a link to the segment will be added here as soon as it airs).

We shot the interview first. Chris (Producer) and Reggie (Camera Man) set up in the driveway so the whole front yard was in the background. They are such pros…directing, filming, interviewing, watching the light, and composing the shot all at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking!

Two contributors to the garden were interviewed. Crista donated Wood Violets, Wandering Jew and ground cover with little yellow flowers. Reggie is adjusting her mic just before her interview.

Kevin was the still photographer for the day, documenting the behind-the-scenes…so he didn’t get into these pics. You’ll have to wait til the story airs to see him!

Chris designed a really cool way to show before and afters. He held a “before” photo in front of the camera and then pulled it away to reveal the “after” from the same perspective. What an artist!!

Thank you so much Chris, Reggie, Crista and Kevin for a really fun day!