Contributors: It Took A Villiage!

All in all, 25 gardeners of all levels (from plant murders to master gardeners) and two nurseries (Joshua’s Native Plants and Buchannan’s Native Plants) contributed over 400 plants to the Reclaimed Garden.

The best part of the creation of the garden was meeting all the contributors. Each time I dug up or picked up a plant, I got to know the gardeners and their gardens – sometimes, I planted a few plants for them, or pulled some weeds. There were tours of the contributor’s gardens, trading gardening stories, and sharing gardening tips.  I learned about native plants, different gardening styles, transplanting, watering, mixing edible plants with traditional landscaping, recycling/reuse options, volunteer plants, and made new friends.

Contributors and even facebook friends from  Oregon to Florida were inspired by the Reclaimed Garden project. People loved the idea that their plants and materials could live on, even after they didn’t need them anymore. Some gardeners were inspired to propagate their own plants or pass on their plants to others. My reclaimed garden has grown beautifully and the unexpected gift…it gave birth to a community of reclaimed gardeners. The project is giving birth to the Reclaimed Garden Club.