Free Plants: Nurseries and Garden Centers

Every week, most nurseries throw away some plants that are too tired or scorched to sell. If you ask for the plants in the trash, some nurseries and garden centers will give them to you for free.

Most nurseries just have a few discarded plants at at time. On one special day, I arrived at Joshua’s Native Plants in Houston at just the right moment and happened to score a car load of too-tired-to-sell plants.

This entire flower bed was created using the plants from Joshua.

Buchanan’s Native Plants also had three Loropetalum shrubs and an Echinacea plant that were headed to the dumpster.

The plants from Buchanan’s anchored the “welcome” flower bed at the entrance to the yard.

Be sure to ask nursery staff politely whether they have any plants that are too tired or scorched to sell. If the answer is no, please be gracious. Check back regularly, plants are bound for the dumpster every week!

For more sources for free plants, try Craig’s List and big-box garden center clearance racks.