Transplanting Grass: The Hair Club For Men Method

There were some really big bald spots in the lawn at the beginning of the project.

Rogue grass in the flower beds was transplanted into the bald spots using the “hair club for men method.”

  1. Use a trowel to harvest little plugs of “rogue” grass from areas where you don’t want grass.
  2. In the bald spot where you do want grass, stab the soil with a shovel and pull back the on the shovel handle to make a little slit in the dirt.
  3. Place a couple little plugs of grass in the slit so roots are in the dirt and the leaves are above the dirt.
  4. Remove shovel so the soil “bounces back” and closes the slit.
  5. Step on the soil to compact dirt around the grass plugs.
  6. Place a hose or sprinkler on the transplants and let the water trickle for a couple hours so the dirt around the transplant is soft and saturated…it’s okay if you make a mud puddle. The slower the water trickles, the better this works.
  7. Water daily and mow weekly.
  8. At first, the transplants will be in shock and wilt. Keep watering and mowing even if they look like they are dying/dead. The roots may be growing and new grass may sprout once the roots have set.
  9. Transplant a bunch of grass “plugs”
  10. Over time, the grass will take root, spread and fill in the bare areas.

Some of the original grass got over grown and went to seed. I cut the seed pods off the tops of the grass with scissors. Before a rain, I spread the seeds  in the bald spots and crossed my fingers that it would germinate. After a couple weeks, the grass transplants started spreading and filling in the lawn!
For more about transplanting grass, click here for a step-by-step video.